Watering your lawn in Cocoa, FL and surrounding areas in Brevard county

Watering your lawn in Cocoa, FL and surrounding areas in Brevard county

Schedule lawn watering services in Cocoa, FL and surrounding areas in Brevard county

Watering is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn and homeowners should understand how to water correctly. Too much water is damaging to your turf and is often the underlying cause of lawn failure. Problems with overwatering include :

  • A less developed and shorter root system, which has less capacity to seek out nutrients as well as water at lower soil depths and has less overall stress resistance.
  • An overwatered lawn is susceptible to disease and insect infestation

Light frequent watering is inefficient and encourages a shallow root system Excessive watering keeps the root system saturated and is harmful to your lawn. How often should I water my lawn? According to the University of Florida guidelines for watering St. Augustine grass it is on an “ as needed” basis. This can be determined by observing the first signs of wilt.
The signs to look for are 
  • The grass has a blue-gray tint to it
  • Leaf blades folded in half lengthwise in an attempt to conserve water.
  • Footprints or tire tracks remain visible on the grass long after being made.

How much water should I apply?

An accurate watering schedule would apply ¾ of an inch of water at the first sign of wilt. Do not water again until signs of wilt are noticed. How long will it take my irrigation system to apply ¾ of an inch of water? There are many factors to consider when setting the run time on your irrigation system. Each homeowner will have a different situation with their irrigation system and for these reasons, we can’t recommend a general set time. These reasons include :

  • Different types of irrigation systems.
  • Different types of irrigation heads. The rotor will dispense more water than a pop-up head.
  • Varied amounts of water pressure

To determine how long your system will take to apply ¾ of an inch of water follow these simple steps:

  • Set out a can with at least  1 inch depth in your lawn.
  • Run the system until it fills can to ¾ of an inch.
  • Mark the amount of time needed to achieve this.

 If you have both rotors and pop up heads you will have to repeat these steps for each.

What time of day should I water?

The best time of day to water is early morning hours. Watering during the day wastes water and can scald the lawn when temperatures are high. Watering in the late afternoon or late morning can be harmful as it extends the time the lawn is naturally wet from dew. This extended "dew period" can accelerate disease occurrence.

Why do I have brown spots in my lawn ?

Localized dry areas can occur in your lawn even though you have an irrigation system. Here are some reasons why?

  • Irrigation is blocked by an obstacle
  • Irrigation is being redirected by the wind
  • Sprinkler head may be broken or out of adjustment.
  • Area may not be getting ¾ of an inch if water when irrigated
  • Poor irrigation coverage and /or a hot spot

To assist in any irrigation concerns just give us a call and we can send out our irrigation tech to inspect your system.