Are Mosquitos Driving You Crazy?

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Frustrated by a mosquito problem? You're not alone. They've been bothering people and animals for millions of years.

At All Brevard Lawn & Pest, we know how to handle mosquito swarm issues of all sizes in Cocoa, FL and surrounding areas. Let our crew get rid of the pests for you with our mosquito reduction program. Our program includes a monthly spray of mosquito repellents on your lawn and shrubs. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our repellents.

What should you know about mosquitos?

What should you know about mosquitos?

As if the itching bites of mosquitos aren't enough of a problem, mosquitos also spread diseases. The yellow fever mosquito, which is common in Florida, spreads a serious illness. During the Spanish-American war, the yellow fever mosquito caused more casualties to US troops than the war did.

Our area is also home to the southern house mosquito, which spreads West Nile fever and other diseases. Our company combats mosquitos by spraying mosquito repellents that drive them away from your property. Join our mosquito reduction program to lower your risk of mosquito-related illness.