Trust a Versatile Company to Tackle Your Pest Problem

Find out about our wide range of pest control services in Cocoa, FL and surrounding areas in Brevard county

If insects and other pests are taking over your property, then it's time to reach out for help. All Brevard Lawn & Pest can kick them to the curb.

We provide reliable pest control services on residential and commercial properties throughout Cocoa, FL and the rest of Brevard County. You can come to us for a one-time pest treatment, a customized group of treatments, or an ongoing series of monthly treatments.

Our state-certified and licensed team treats infestations of common pests like:

Bedbugs | Fleas | Ticks | Cockroaches | Rodents

Our crew also provides mosquito reduction services. If you're looking for pest control services for mosquitos, check out our Mosquito Reduction page.

Why choose All Brevard Lawn & Pest?

Why choose
All Brevard Lawn & Pest?

We offer the most thorough, convenient, and advanced pest control service available. Pests can bring in a number of health risks and endanger your home, eliminating them for you is our number one goal. Most pest control companies use the old practice of spraying possible harmful pesticides inside your home whether needed or not. At All Brevard, we focus on the exterior of your home where the pests live and breed. This eliminates the use of spraying harmful pesticides inside your home that could possibly affect the health of you or your loved ones. If an infestation occurs inside your home we will treat it with the safest and most environmentally friendly products available on the market.

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